Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Fabrics!!

Stripy & Dots
  • 100% Cotton (54")
  • Light Weight
  • 1 meter each
  • Perfect for making cushion cover, aprons, DIY bags, crafts or turn it to anything to suit your needs
  • Stripey : RM 64/piece 
  • Polka Dots : RM 73/piece
Email me ya!! :D

Button... Butang...

This entry pasal butang pulak. Geram tengok butang comel-comel nih. Ada 18 keping. 6 design with 3 pieces each design. Gambar butang tuh terletak 2 butterfly (over excited lah katakan!!!  :D) Itu yang kira jadi 7 pulak tuh... hehehe  Anyway, they are so cute!! 
Price: RM2.50 each or RM40 for all!!  
Good bargain isn't it?  Grab now!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Ribbons!!

American Crafts
American Crafts
American Crafts
CUTE isn't it? Yes!! very very cute and adorable!!! I love them so much. 
That is why I want to share it with you. They are GROSGRAIN RIBBONS.
American Craft Premium Ribbons. Imported from US.
This is a MUST HAVE ITEM!!!
Only for RM20 per roll (1.2m per roll). Email me for best price!!!

Hurry up!!!  (",)


Need ribbons for your craft work? for your sewing? 
Only for RM35!!
Yes! 1 box with 6 different patterns only for RM35. Every design contains 1.2m of ribbons.
Only have 7 boxes!!
Email me if you want special price!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Made with Love 2

Love Ornaments 

I'm back!!!  
Key Chain or Ornaments or Craft Collectibles!!
Made from felt, gross grain ribbon and stuffed with fiber filling.

Must have Item. Grab it now!!

Just for RM15 each (including post)