Monday, August 9, 2010

Unwell & Good News Jangan salah faham. Bukan tokei kedai yang sakit tapi 'kedai' nih yg sakit. Setelah puas mencari penawarnya, maka sihat kembali lah kedai nih. Insyaallah... ia akan terus beroperasi seperti biasa.  (",) Sesiapa yg pernah link kedai nih dulu, minta tinggalkan link anda kat shout out box ya!! I'll link you guys again.

The good news is I'm going back to KL next month. Anyone who is interested of buying anything from my shop, you can book the item and I'll bring back and I'll post it to you from KL. So you guys don't have to pay the postage from here. Isn't that good? No... it's GREAT!! Grab the opportunity!!

Or.. if you need anything from the land of OZ, just let me know. I'll try to find it for you. Just add 5% for my service.  Last day of ordering will be 5th September 2010.

Need more info? Email me ya!!

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